Chipsters Take Seattle!

Happy Friday, Chipsters!

Four of the Chip-In Team members returned from Seattle last week after winning the Technology Division’s national competition, “Innovative Planning Apps for Planners”. More about the competition will be posted later. While the team members were in Seattle, they enjoyed the exploring the city and learning new things at the American Planning Association‘s National Conference. Today, the team wants to share some photos of their journey in Seattle.

The team members before their flight out of Detroit early Friday morning.


The four team members (Lia, Kalindi, Jake, and Ashley) shared an apartment in Capitol Hill while in Seattle. Capitol Hill is a neighborhood about fifteen minutes away from Downtown Seattle. The team would walk to the conference center each day and it was an enjoyable walk downhill. The first day of the conference, the team shared a wonderful breakfast at Witness.


The team visited the Seattle Public Library designed by the architect Rem Koolhaas one afternoon and did “O-H-I-O” and “C-H-I-P”  IMG_1250 IMG_1248

Jake gave Seattle’s bike share a try.


Kalindi in some beautiful scenery in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.


Ashley in a public parklet the team discovered on a morning walk.


Lia enjoying the waterside of Seattle.


Jake and Lia at the top of the Space Needle


Kalindi & Ashley at the top of Columbia Tower.


Team Chip-In had some great adventures while in Seattle and the win was the icing on the cake!


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