The Competition

Long time no see, Chipsters!

As mentioned in the previous post, “Chipsters Take Seattle”, the Chip-In team won the Technology Division’s “Innovated Planning Apps for Planners” contest while in Seattle in April! The Technology Division held the competition at the American Planning Association‘s National Conference in Seattle, Washington on Tuesday, April 21st.



There were nine finalists in the competition (to view what the other mobile application submissions were, click here). The winner of the contest was decided by the audience. The audience voted on their phones by texting in the app they wanted to win. The runner-up was “Activist” and her prize was $500. Chip-In was then announced as the winner of the national competition. The team was ecstatic to hear the good news! The team was very thankful for the support everyone had showed them before the contest and the votes given during the contest. Fellow Ohio State students and faculty sat in the audience and celebrated with Chip-In as other members of the audience congratulated the team. The team celebrated by having lunch with the head of the City & Regional Planning department at OSU and two people on staff from the APA. Tweets and Facebook posts were also sent out about the team’s success at the conference.


Once home, Team Chip-In celebrated with the Knowlton School of Architecture and spread the good news to peers, students, and faculty.  Now the team plans to further develop the app this summer by taking all the necessary steps to make it a reality!

chipingroupThe team will make updates to this blog over the summer as more information comes!


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