Smart Social Media in Government Presentation

One thing Team Chip-In has been working on this summer is outreach. The team wants to keep the idea fresh and present within the Columbus community and active on social media.

Recently, two members of Team Chip-In presented at an event hosted by the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC). The event, titled “Smart Social Media in Government”, was hosted on June 18th at the City of Dublin Recreation Center. During the event, the movers and shakers of government organizations listened to a handful of speakers about enhancing the social media toolkit. Topics included new and exciting tools to engage the public, project marketing, and business communication all through social media. Amy Marshall, who is the Vice President of Digital Strategy & Research at Fathom, and Heather Whaling, President of Geben Communication, were the two featured speakers and are Columbus’ experts when it comes to social media

The team-members presented at lunchtime and gave the presentation that was given at the National Conference by the American Planning Association. The presentation was successful and it just begins the outreach that will happen this summer for the team. Team Chip-In will be giving another presentation on Thursday, July 9th at 3:00. This presentation will take place during the MORPC membership meeting that will include the members of twelve county and forty-four political subdivisions.


Team Chip-In wishes everyone a safe & happy 4th!


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