MORPC Membership Meeting

In the beginning of July, the Chip-In Team had another opportunity to present the idea and process behind the app.  The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) provides a unified voice with the strength to make Central Ohio competitive in the global marketplace. MORPC holds a monthly membership meeting that a Chip-In member was invited to speak during the meeting. It has been important to get the idea out to the community and gain feedback because the community will be the ones transformed and impacted by the app itself.  The commission is made up of diverse interests and representation of the Central Ohio region including local governments, businesses, and non-profits. The group’s mission is to sustain a strong, prosperous 12-county Central Ohio. It was important for Chip-In to be present within the meeting because the app provides another outlet to connect MOPRC and its affiliates through the involvement in community actions and social media outreach.


Team Chip-In has another opportunity to obtain feedback at a community event next week. The team will have a display set up during the Fifth by Northwest Area Commission‘s National Night Out Celebration. This event will take place at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church on 5th Avenue from 6:30-8:30 on Tuesday, August 4th.  The event will have presentations from two candidates running for Columbus City Council, door prizes, a bike ride by Yay Bikes!, food trucks, displays of interest, and some live performances and music. Stop by the display to voice your opinion about the app!


Smart Social Media in Government Presentation

One thing Team Chip-In has been working on this summer is outreach. The team wants to keep the idea fresh and present within the Columbus community and active on social media.

Recently, two members of Team Chip-In presented at an event hosted by the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC). The event, titled “Smart Social Media in Government”, was hosted on June 18th at the City of Dublin Recreation Center. During the event, the movers and shakers of government organizations listened to a handful of speakers about enhancing the social media toolkit. Topics included new and exciting tools to engage the public, project marketing, and business communication all through social media. Amy Marshall, who is the Vice President of Digital Strategy & Research at Fathom, and Heather Whaling, President of Geben Communication, were the two featured speakers and are Columbus’ experts when it comes to social media

The team-members presented at lunchtime and gave the presentation that was given at the National Conference by the American Planning Association. The presentation was successful and it just begins the outreach that will happen this summer for the team. Team Chip-In will be giving another presentation on Thursday, July 9th at 3:00. This presentation will take place during the MORPC membership meeting that will include the members of twelve county and forty-four political subdivisions.


Team Chip-In wishes everyone a safe & happy 4th!

The Competition

Long time no see, Chipsters!

As mentioned in the previous post, “Chipsters Take Seattle”, the Chip-In team won the Technology Division’s “Innovated Planning Apps for Planners” contest while in Seattle in April! The Technology Division held the competition at the American Planning Association‘s National Conference in Seattle, Washington on Tuesday, April 21st.



There were nine finalists in the competition (to view what the other mobile application submissions were, click here). The winner of the contest was decided by the audience. The audience voted on their phones by texting in the app they wanted to win. The runner-up was “Activist” and her prize was $500. Chip-In was then announced as the winner of the national competition. The team was ecstatic to hear the good news! The team was very thankful for the support everyone had showed them before the contest and the votes given during the contest. Fellow Ohio State students and faculty sat in the audience and celebrated with Chip-In as other members of the audience congratulated the team. The team celebrated by having lunch with the head of the City & Regional Planning department at OSU and two people on staff from the APA. Tweets and Facebook posts were also sent out about the team’s success at the conference.


Once home, Team Chip-In celebrated with the Knowlton School of Architecture and spread the good news to peers, students, and faculty.  Now the team plans to further develop the app this summer by taking all the necessary steps to make it a reality!

chipingroupThe team will make updates to this blog over the summer as more information comes!

Chipsters Take Seattle!

Happy Friday, Chipsters!

Four of the Chip-In Team members returned from Seattle last week after winning the Technology Division’s national competition, “Innovative Planning Apps for Planners”. More about the competition will be posted later. While the team members were in Seattle, they enjoyed the exploring the city and learning new things at the American Planning Association‘s National Conference. Today, the team wants to share some photos of their journey in Seattle.

The team members before their flight out of Detroit early Friday morning.


The four team members (Lia, Kalindi, Jake, and Ashley) shared an apartment in Capitol Hill while in Seattle. Capitol Hill is a neighborhood about fifteen minutes away from Downtown Seattle. The team would walk to the conference center each day and it was an enjoyable walk downhill. The first day of the conference, the team shared a wonderful breakfast at Witness.


The team visited the Seattle Public Library designed by the architect Rem Koolhaas one afternoon and did “O-H-I-O” and “C-H-I-P”  IMG_1250 IMG_1248

Jake gave Seattle’s bike share a try.


Kalindi in some beautiful scenery in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.


Ashley in a public parklet the team discovered on a morning walk.


Lia enjoying the waterside of Seattle.


Jake and Lia at the top of the Space Needle


Kalindi & Ashley at the top of Columbia Tower.


Team Chip-In had some great adventures while in Seattle and the win was the icing on the cake!

Thanks for telling us how you would Chip-In!

Hey Chipsters!

Thanks so much for your support and willingness to take the survey that we sent out this week. We were very curious to learn what kinds of community projects you are all interested in getting involved with.

Finding out that 87% of you guys would volunteer for a project using Chip-In was probably one of the coolest parts of our week!


Chip-In Infographic

Please comment here if you have any further questions or suggestions, or tweet @Chip_In_App

Rock on!


The Chip-In Team

Hello world!

Chip-In is a developing mobile app that allows community members to volunteer time, donate funds, and start projects within communities while allowing users to engage on social media to share their projects. Chip-In: Making Service Social.