Meet the Chipsters

Want to know the people behind Chip-In? You are in the right place! team

Andrew has a military background and is interested in real estate development planning and urban design. He is expected to graduate from the undergraduate program in the Fall of 2015.

andrewAshley is interested in arts & entertainment planning, as well as community development planning, especially how it relates to social justice. She is expected to finish her undergraduate career in the Spring of 2016. She is definitely the crazy cat lady of the group; and when she’s not running around from life’s craziness she runs her own blog at The Vintage Urbanite.


Kalindi has an interest in urban design and public health planning. She will graduate with Ashley in the Spring of 2016. She does taekwondo in her free time.


Lia has interests in community revitalization and international planning. She loves to travel as much a possible and is a huge animal person. She currently has a pet bearded dragon named King John. Lia will graduate in the Summer of 2015.


Jacob is interested in attending law school after graduation and specializing in land use, public finance, and general local government law. He will graduate with Andrew in the Fall of 2015. Jacob is definitely the ice cream connoisseur of the bunch; and he’s most proud of his hometown of Huron, Ohio where he enjoyed growing up on Lake Erie.


Team Chip-In are all City & Regional Planning majors at the Knowlton School within The Ohio State University. They have gotten to known each other through the small classes and constant group projects. The best part about the group? They are actually friends! They all enjoy exploring and trying new foods as a group.



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